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Many of us have pets, but finding a new one with the proper pedigree can be nothing less than a difficult, tedious process. At Starmist Corgis, you’ll find pet breeders with diverse expertise on pet breeding. We offer you healthy pets and we have AKC Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis And AKC Registered Yorkies to choose from. We are located in the local area, S.W Virginia, We can meet you with your new puppy, or I offer Shipping using Delta airlines for additional cost, weather permitting, and you can kindly reach us through our booking form. Or text 276-791-2246. Thank you 🙏 We except visa/master card via PayPal

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As caring, professional and reputable breeders and pet owners, we follow recommended guidelines that ensure our pets have loving temperaments – I have been breeding dogs for over 30 years, I bought my first Corgi 13 years ago, and absolutely fell in love with the breed. I have had a lot of trial and error over the years and have learned so much about producing, whelping, caring for puppies, and raising healthy, social, sound puppies. There has been a lot of discouraging moments, but there has been more joy when I see how puppies are thriving, and how fast they are growing, and how they learn my voice and come when I call them, and give me some of the sweetest puppy kisses, I just love them, and can’t explain the joy they bring, and they simply can’t wait to meet their new owners! As long as you treat your new pet with love and respect, they will do the same back. As a team, we are dedicated to doing our best for our pets and, of course, our customers as well.

AKC Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis And Yorkies

Our main service is pet breeding, and we offer a diverse breed of AKC Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis, And AKC Registered Yorkies . All our puppies are available at a pocket-friendly cost because we believe that pet ownership shouldn’t be financially exclusive. Additionally, we keep extensive records of the pets we have available for future reference and action. Please text 276-791-2246 for puppy availability, Thank you 🙏

About our AKC Corgi Puppies

We have 2-3 liters of corgi puppies a year, All our puppies are raised in my home, where they are carefully watched and monitored, they are held and played with frequently. They will have their wellness check up at my vet prior to placing with new owners, and all vaccinations and dewormings will be up to date for appropriate age. Tails and declaws are removed. We love the breed and enjoy having puppies running and playing, Corgi Puppies are fun to watch, they do the cutest things. It’s very hard to stop with just one Corgi. Thanks to everyone that has adopted one of our Babies. We look forward to receiving pictures and updates on how puppies are growing up. Several of our Corgi Puppies has went on into agility, and therapy dogs. We are very proud of their accomplishments. Please text me if you want to ask about available puppies, 276-791-2246, Thank you 🙏

Puppies available

Liter 7 Corgi puppies, 5 females, 2 Males, whelped November 15, Ready at 8 weeks January 10, 2020. Please text 276-791-2246

Moses, Our stud

Moses is a gorgeous Sable and white, he has a very nice face, he is moderate bone, nice expression, he produces beautiful puppies.


Abella is a nice Sable and white Female, she’s a natural bob tail , She is moderate to large bone, produce very beautiful puppies with nice bone, and expression, good temperament and beautiful babies. She’s such a sweetheart, she’s a wonderful companion And a valuable asset to my breeding program.


Tabby come from a long line of my Corgis, she’s now retired, as of this year, I have 2 of her babies that I am anxious to start breeding. For Tabby was a very valuable Breeder, she produced some of the most beautiful puppies. She’s one of the best Corgis I have had the privilege of raising and owning. I have high expectations for her babies. I am really sure that they will be just as amazing as she is.


Socks is out of Tabby and Moses, She is a red and white, small bone, short body, and short legs, her head is a correct Fox type, according to AKC standards, she is a very sweet and beautiful girl, she will be bred this fall and this will be her first liter, We are very excited to see her first babies grow up. For more information on her first upcoming liter please text me 276-791-2246


Mot is a very small male stud dog, weighs about 3-4 pounds, he is a sweetheart, very fun loving Yorkie, he produces small beautiful babies. Great size reducer, his babies have baby doll type face. For more information about using him for your females, or on his puppies please text us at 276-791-2246, or 276-794-1710. Thank you


Buntay is a gorgeous blond/silver color female, she’s a wonderful mother and has the most adorable, beautiful babies, she’s the best Yorkie, great personality, beautiful coat, and a sweetheart. For more information on upcoming liter please text 276-794-1710, or 276-791-2246, Thank you


Shaphire is a gorgeous blonde, with the most gorgeous coat, she is out of Motor and Suzanne, she has her first liter, and they are beautiful and small, they will be ready for their forever family September 28, For information text 276-794-1710, or 276-791-2246, Thank you


Suzanna is a beautiful perfect size Yorkie, She produces small gorgeous babies with sweet baby doll face, she is a wonderful pet, very sweet temperament and wonderful personality,. For more information on Suzanna’s upcoming liters, text 276-794-1710, or 276-791-2246, Thank you


I can not forget my Sissy, Sissy is out of Tabby and Moses, this little girl had a very hard start in life, she was definitely a fighter, I just about lost her several times, when she was born and she struggled fo the first few weeks of her life, We give IV fluids around the clock and bottle fed as she would tolerate, There was a lot of tears she’d, and prayers going up for this baby, She is a wonderful pet who is very loved, she’s spoiled and she is absolutely my Sissy, she’s gonna be 2 years old and I have never bred her, and I don’t know if I will ever use her for breeding, she’s a very special part of my family, and all I can say is she is my Sissy.


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